Hometown Housekeeping of Dupont, WA Hometown Housekeeping of Dupont, WA

I have used hometown housekeeping's services twice and have not been disappointed. The company maintains contact in relation to the status of services provided and their attention to detail when cleaning is superb. Even through a miscommunication, their commitment to their customers is all about satisfaction and trust. I will continue to use their services because they are easy to work with and provide us with a clean place of living during our busy schedules. Thank you for all you do!

- DuPont Client

I have had Home Town Housekeeping do our own home cleaning as well as for our rentals and for our business. I've found Home Town Housekeeping to be always responsive, on time, notifying us of any changes via phone, professional, and with competitive rates.

I trust that his employees are screened and trustworthy in my own home, something that is very important to me, for myself and our clients. They do a thorough job and respond to any issues in a very timely manner. I highly recommend their services, as I have used them for years.

- DuPont Client

We have always been extremely pleased with Home Town Services. They're on time and if there's an issue, they always give us a call. I love coming home after the house has been vacuumed! The bathrooms are spotless. We have total hardwood floors that are always vacuumed and washed. Everything gets dusted, even the annoying knick-knacks that I hate doing. Areas behind certain pieces of furniture (i.e. bedside tables, our cedar chest) are always moved and cleaned behind. The baseboards are cleaned and everything in the kitchen is either wiped down or washed.

The few times that things weren't quite right, I just called and the problems were addressed immediately. I wouldn't have anyone else cleaning my home!

- Steilacoom Client

I have been a client of Home Time Services for over seven years. If you are looking for a reliable, honest, and quality home cleaning service, you need look no further. As a person who travels a lot due to my job, they have been extremely flexible whenever I've needed to make adjustments. They even send me an email the day prior, to give me an approximate time of arrival so I can plan to leave my home while they clean so I won't be in the way. Of course, you are not required to leave; that's just my practice. They have teams of two or three people who come in under the supervision of a team leader and quickly and thoroughly do the cleaning we have agreed upon.

You have to look no further. They are worth every penny.

- Steilacoom Client

I look forward to the day when the Home Town cleaners come to my home. My home is so clean when they leave! They are always friendly. It is usually the same girls, so there is consistency, as well. I never hear any negative comments even though my house isn't always clean before they get there. They are there for the scheduled time and if they finish a bit early they always find a little extra to do.

Can't wait until tomorrow…my cleaning day!

- DuPont Client

We have been using Home Town for a few years and have found the staff and crew to be efficient, on time, and honest. We happily recommend Home Town Services.

- DuPont Client




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